32. Paul Robeson Birthplace

Born in this house in 1898 at 110 Witherspoon Street, Paul Robeson became one of Princeton's best known residents. Son of a runaway slave, the Reverend William Robeson of the Witherspoon Street Church, Robeson achieved fame as an athlete, a singer and actor, a scholar, a law school graduate and a political activist, for which he was persecuted during the McCarthy era. He eventually quit his film career because he was dissatisfied with the types of roles that were available for Black performers. He lived abroad in voluntary exile for five years, returning to the United States in 1962.

In 1940, Dave Graham ran one of the earliest Black-owned barber shops in the basement of this house. It had been located at 7 Hulfish Street in 1935, and at 8 Lytle Street in 1937.